Find something you’re passionate about and go wild with it. I have loved makeup since the first time I laid my hands on that eye shadow palette na tig 40 pesos na nabili ko sa Wego noong 3rd year high school palang ako, naaalala ko kulay silver, grey at black na shimmery pa yon, HAHAHA. Ever since, I have never stopped honing my skill and loving the craft. Today, I am still in the process of learning because hey, there is always something new to learn! I am expanding my horizon and gaining new experiences. And I cannot stress enough how happy I am na the people closest to my heart are behind me in this adventure. Support means so much lalo na when there are people who try to bring you down and belittle your ambition. I am not expecting everyone to appreciate what I do because I know we all want different things in life. In the same light I think people should understand and respect that this is what I love. I should not be shamed or laughed at just because I do not aspire to be a doctor or a lawyer or a CEO or a millionaire. And please, enough with the “hindi ka yayaman or kikita dyan” thing. Not that I do this solely for the money but you people saying that should be introduced to Michelle Phan, Marlena of Makeup Geek and Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty among others. And also, the “puro makeup ang landi lang at ang pangit kase kaya nag me-makeup o ang tunay na maganda hindi kailangan ng makeup” bullshit. I roll my eyes so hard every time I hear that I think I’ve seen my brains a couple of times. Grow up, guys. Please lang. But on second thought, I just remembered that I do not give two shits.

Lastly, alam ko hindi ako nag iisa. To my friends with whom I share the same passion, push lang natin to mga bes! I know it’s a long shot but these things take time and a lot of work para ma-achieve. Sabi nga, “EVERY ACCOMPLISHMENT STARTS WITH THE DECISION TO TRY.” So, just go for it.